Window film protects people from the real dangers of untreated glass. While the films cannot stop the glass from breaking they will hold the glass shards together protecting people and property from flying glass fragments.

Terrorism and Violence
Random acts of bombing, rioting, or vandalism can happen anywhere. Glass film reduces the likelyhood occupants will be injured from flying glass.

Natural Disaster
Safety is being prepared. Unprotected windows leave you at risk of injury or property damage due to earthquakes, hurricanes, riots, vandalism and terrorists activities. A safety film will mitigate these hazards.

All solar film will hold glass together however, if the window is large or extra security is required a thicker and stronger film should be used. These films come clear or tinted if solar protection is required. Also many films feature a one way effect if privacy is desired.

Vandalism and Crime
Unfortunately crime and vandalism are a real concern for home and business owner and glass is an easy target. Tagging or graffiti is on the increase.

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Anti-Graffiti Film

Protect mirrors and window surfaces from tagging or scratches by installing anti-graffiti film. The replacement costs for the glass is high.

Many owners are installing an anti-graffiti film thereby reducing replacement costs of windows with film at a fraction of the cost.

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